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Painting, felting, weaving, sewing, and plaiting...
This is my huge passion, as well as a way to make a living. Noble wool and silk stole my heart. This stock is not easy to restrain, and despite my long experience working with sensitive wool, still lets me explore more and more possibilities for its use... From under my hands are coming out unique of perfect quality with beautiful shades and original patterns-"painted by felting" silk shawls, purses, clothing, flowers...

I design my projects by myself and I try to make them perfect in every detail. It's fascinating, that while working with wool and silk there is no way of making two identical things because wet felting has its own rules. It's possible to make a similar work, but never identical. Sometimes, I'm following the track of composing fibers', which are whispering to me by themselves how to compose them ideally. That uniqueness is what fascinates and attracts me in my work. The most important fact to me is that you appreciate and wear my clothes with pleasure, which gives me energy for realizing next projects.

I have presented my work to a huge circle of customers on displayes, as well as International Trade Fairs in Gdańsk, Poznań, and Łódź (Poland). On the Art and Craft Festival in Poznań, my designs: shawl, purse, and tunic earned the title of Trendy Art- The Best Craft of the Year 2011. I have participated in projects such as: Art Exhibition of Craft- organized by Nationwide Guild of Craftsman Artists, and project promoting young designers - Collective Design.

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